30 Exciting Things to Do in Edmonds, Washington (2024)

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Edmonds is easily one of my favorite cities in Washington, and I’m always surprised by how much there is to do in this town. You will find me in downtown Edmonds multiple times per week, either working in my coworking space, meeting friends for lunch, or networking over coffee. There are so many things to do in Edmonds, no matter how old you are or what your interests are.

For example, how many towns can boast that you can enjoy a meal while viewing a ferry, the Puget Sound, and possibly see whales? No one does the holidays like Edmonds either, whether it’s for Christmas, Oktoberfest, or the 4th of July. There is no shortage of what to do in Edmonds, as you’ll soon see in this article.

I now call it my hometown and I’ve had so much fun exploring it over the years. People also love to meet in Edmonds, so it’s been convenient not to go far to see my friends when they want to meet up.

With that, let’s get into all the best things to do in Edmonds, Washington.

1. Get a Fresh Lobster Roll for Lunch

the market lobster roll

Whenever friends want to meet me for lunch in Edmonds, I always recommend MARKET. They have the best lobster rolls around, and you can choose if you want the Cold Maine roll or the Hot Connecticut roll. I try to get other items when I go to mix it up, such as the equally delicious fish tacos, but the rolls always tempt me.

They have covered outdoor seating that’s heated for the Seattle winter, but I’ll warn you that the area is small. The restaurant also has a huge line on the weekends, so I recommend ordering online first so you can get there and pick it up without the wait when looking for things to do in Edmonds this weekend.

2. Learn about History at a Museum

edmonds historical museum

Did you know that Edmonds was incorporated in 1890? The city has been around for a while, and I love stopping at this museum to see how life used to be. You’ll learn all about life in the early 1900s, view photographs of how the city was back then, and see plenty of artifacts from that time period.

Volunteers run the Edmonds Historical Museum, and I love how friendly and excited they are to share their knowledge. This is the perfect rainy day activity to add to your list, and it’s also an inexpensive thing to do near Seattle.

3. Find Your Next Read at the Bookshop

edmonds bookstore

While I’m a big fan of my Kindle, there’s nothing more I love than walking into a bookstore and smelling that iconic book smell. Edmonds Bookshop has been around since 1972 and has a selection of new releases as well as used books.

My favorite section is the travel and outdoor section (so I can plan my next Washington hike), and I can literally be there for an hour if I don’t watch the time. My kids love the small kids’ section as well as the small chairs they can sit on to read their selected books.

4. Scuba Dive at an Underwater Park

edmonds underwater park

While I originally got scuba certified in Hawaii, I took my beginner lessons and subsequent advanced lessons from Underwater Sports by the Edmonds waterfront. They took me out to the Edmonds Underwater Park, which I had no idea existed or was actually quite famous.

Located just north of the Edmonds ferry, you’ll see a handful of divers on any given day checking out the above map of the “park” and getting ready for their next dive. It’s pretty murky here (or at least always has been when I’ve dove), so I recommend hiring an instructor from Underwater Sports for a guided one-hour tour of the area.

5. Shop for Local Foods at the Farmers Market

edmonds farmers market

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Edmonds is shop at the farmers market, and you’ll find me there more weekends than not in the summer. The 2023 Edmonds Museum Summer Market runs from May until October every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. I always stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as get a weekly flower bouquet at one of my favorite activities during spring in Washington state.

Luckily, there’s also the Edmonds Holiday Market that runs on Saturdays in November and December, although it has less than half the amount of vendors. Still, you can find homemade candles, artwork, jewelry, and more, so it’s fun rain or shine.

6. Enjoy Specialty Cocktails

kelnero edmonds

Sometimes I feel like meeting my friends for a fancy cocktail, and Kelnero is the perfect location for it. They are great at having seasonal cocktails, so the menu is always changing. One favorite of mine that seems to be on the menu year-round is the pisco sour, as I always get those ever since I became obsessed with them during my South America trip.

Don’t drink alcohol? They have you covered – I came here so many times during my pregnancies and was still able to enjoy delicious mocktails, almost forgetting it wasn’t a regular drink. My go-to was always the red velvet, as well as a side of one of their flavored popcorn.

7. Borrow a Book From the Library

edmonds library

I had a long stint after college where I didn’t visit a library because I was a bit sick of reading. However, I’ve gotten into it again over the years, and now I have to read nightly before I go to bed. There’s nothing like the feeling of the weight of a book in your hands, and the Edmonds Library has a huge selection of books.

They also have various activities there, such as storytimes during the week. Just a note, the main part of the library is currently closed due to flooding that occurred last year, but you’re still able to put holds on books online and pick them up upstairs.

8. Indulge at Brunch Around Town

rusty pelican brunch

When you want to get brunch, Edmonds is the place to go. There are so many different places to go that it’s hard to list all of them. You’ll want to get to these places early, as it’s one of the more popular things to do in Edmonds on the weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite places for brunch in Edmonds:

  • Rusty Pelican for tasty egg benedicts (first come, first served)
  • Salt & Iron for homemade jalapeno cheddar biscuits and mimosas (reservations highly recommended)
  • Red Twig for quick grab-and-go pastries and specialty coffee drinks (first come, first served)

9. Cool Off at the Spray Park

edmonds city park spray park

As soon as we get the first hot day around the end of May or the beginning of June, everyone nearby flocks to Edmonds City Park. This is one of the most kid-friendly things to do in Edmonds, and my boys ask to come here constantly during the summer in Seattle. There’s a huge spray park for both toddlers and older kids, and we always bring a picnic to enjoy under a shaded tree.

In the summer, you’ll also find a shaved ice truck, and you can rent out different tables and gazebos at the park to have a birthday party there.

10. Relax at Happy Hour With a View

arnies edmonds

One of my favorite places to have a scenic happy hour in Edmonds is Arnie’s. Head to the bar and grab a table by the windows so you can watch the ferry come and go while enjoying a glass of wine and local seafood.

Another close second is Demetris, which is right next to the train tracks by the ferry and has an even closer view. I love their outdoor seating in the warmer weather, but beware that the train can be a bit loud when it comes by.

11. Find the Cherry Blossoms Around Town

edmonds cherry blossoms

A little-known secret about Edmonds is you don’t have to head all the way to the University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms. You’ll find plenty blooming around town during the spring in Seattle, so grab your camera.

12. Take a Ferry Ride to Kingston

edmonds ferry

One of the most fun things to do in Edmonds is taking the Edmonds-Kingston ferry across the water. The ride takes about 35 minutes and is a beautiful trip. I actually saw a pod of orcas a few years while taking this ferry, which was my first time seeing them in Edmonds.

You can drive your car across to access places like the Olympic Peninsula to visit Olympic National Park for a day, or you walk across and explore the town of Kingston. Check the ferry schedule before you go, and plan to wait a few hours if you do go on the weekends (there are no reservations available).

13. Photograph Sunset at the Beach

edmonds beach sunset

Photography is popular in this area, partially due to the gorgeous sunsets we get year-round. My favorite place to take stunning pictures is Brackett’s Landing North, just north of the ferry. You’ll get the ferry, the sunset, and the Olympic Mountains all in the same picture.

14. Try German Beer and Food at Oktoberfest

edmonds oktoberfest in washington

There are so many fun festivals in Edmonds, and Edmonds Oktoberfest is no exception. I love meeting friends here at the end of September every year, especially because it’s much closer and less crowded than some of the other Washington Oktoberfests.

There’s a 21-and-over beer garden to sample local beer and plenty of kid-friendly activities as well. My kids love playing cornhole and trying food from the food trucks for lunch.

15. Participate in the 4th of July Parade

edmonds 4th of july parade

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a parade, now’s your chance. Edmonds holds a children’s parade before the main parade, and you can participate in one or both of them. You’ll walk through the streets of downtown Edmonds as the locals cheer you on. My kids loved riding their bikes in it!

16. Find All the Murals Around Town

edmonds mural

One of the best things to do in downtown Edmonds is go on a scavenger hunt to see how many murals you can find around the area. They are absolutely beautiful, and as someone who is horrible artistically, I’m always amazed at the talent of these artists. They’re also the perfect Instagrammable spot if you want some pictures.

17. Wake Up With Local Coffee

red twig coffee

You’ll find me at a local Edmonds coffee shop no less than once a week and often more than that. Once again, listing all the coffee places in Edmonds is impossible.

However, here are my favorite coffee shops in Edmonds:

  • Walnut Street Coffee for a cozy vibe indoors as well as plenty of outdoor seating
  • Waterfront Coffee for filling breakfast sandwiches you can take down to the beach
  • Mel and Mia’s for decadent sweets and afternoon tea

18. Spend an Afternoon at the Movies

edmonds theater

Remember when going to the movies used to be affordable and popcorn wasn’t $15? You can go back in time with cheap movie tickets, popcorn, and soda at The Edmonds Theater, where you can catch a movie at this one-room theater. This was the first theater my oldest ever saw a movie (Charlie Brown for their Christmas special, one of the best Christmas events near Seattle), so it’s memorable for me.

19. Order a Personalized Cocktail

daphnes edmonds

If you’re looking for the perfect date night, catch a movie at the theater and head next door to Daphnes for cocktails. They are the smallest bar in Edmonds, so seats are highly sought after, but for a good reason.

Daphnes has some of the most creative cocktails I’ve ever had, and I often tell them a few ingredients I want in them, and they magically make something unique (anything with champagne does it for me).

They also have some of the most entertaining and friendly bartenders around (shout out to Des, who everyone in Edmonds knows). This is one of the top things to do in Edmonds at night, as proven by the constant crowds.

20. Buy Educational Toys

teris toybox

Are you sick of your kids asking for cheap toys from Amazon or feeling lost not knowing what to buy for a birthday? Teri’s Toybox solves that problem, as they have some of the most high-quality and educational toys around. I always shop here at Christmastime because I know the toys will last and be played with for a long time.

21. Ride the Holiday Trolley

edmonds holiday trolley

Holidays in Edmonds are exceptional, but the Holiday Trolley with Emily the Elf is probably the most anticipated activity. During Saturdays in December, you can catch a ride at one of several stops around town on a trolley full of Christmas lights and holiday music.

Emily the Elf is your host for the ride, and kids line up all around town just to see her. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Edmonds during the holiday season.

22. Play on the Beach

south bracketts landing

If you’ve explored Seattle beaches much, you may have realized they’re a bit rocky, which isn’t so comfortable on the feet. Luckily, there are plenty of sandy Edmonds beaches.

Some of my favorite beaches in Edmonds include:

  • Bracket’s Landing South to build sandcastles
  • Meadowdale Beach Park to go on a hike through the forest to get there
  • Marina Beach Park if you want a beach and a playground

23. Wind Down With Wine

vinbero edmonds

After a long day of exploring, a glass or two of wine is in order, and there are plenty of places in Edmonds to help you with that. Vinbero has specialty wines (I had a sparkling orange wine from Italy last time I was there) as well as delectable food options like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Dusted Valley is the place to go if you have a larger group to accompany (they’re kid-friendly, too) and if you prefer reds. They have a wine club that many of my friends have joined, and I probably will eventually join.

24. Stop By a Coworking Space

workhorse coworking

One of the main things that draws me to downtown Edmonds several times a week is Workhorse, a coworking space by the water. I’ve been a member for years (founding member, in fact!) and love being able to drop in, grab a cup of coffee, and focus on my work. It’s also been great to meet other business owners there over the years.

You can purchase a membership, or they also offer day passes if you’re just in town for a short time.

25. Borrow an Umbrella for Rainy Days

edmonds umbrella

Stuck in the rain without an umbrella? No worries – there are plenty of free green umbrellas around town to use! I’m not usually an umbrella person, but I have been stuck in a downpour before and grabbed one to help out. My toddler insists on using them rain or shine, so they’re popular in our family.

26. Join a Workout Class

barre3 edmonds

Walking around town or the waterfront is a popular form of exercise around here, but so is the selection of workout classes. I went to barre3 for years and absolutely loved all the teachers as well as the chic workout apparel for sale. Twist Yoga is another good choice if you feel like moving and stretching a bit.

27. Have Your Pick of Mexican Food

kahlos cantina

We have many restaurants in Edmonds, and the most common type is probably Mexican food. There are so many different places- Kahlo’s, Santa Fe, Las Brisas, and Casa Oaxaca, to name a few. You can’t go wrong with any of them, so I suggest picking which one is closest to your location when you’re hungry.

28. Eat Fresh Hawaiian Poke

ono poke

My absolute favorite thing about going on a trip to Hawaii is eating an abundance of fresh poke. I was thrilled when I found out that not only is Ono Poke delicious, but they ship their fish fresh from Hawaii daily. I’ve heard people complain about the prices, but cheap poke is not a good idea, plus the portions are very generous.

29. Walk Around the Marina

edmonds marina

One of my favorite ways to relax is walking around the Edmonds Marina to daydream about someday owning a boat (or yacht!). It’s fun watching owners get their boats ready, as well as those who live on them at night. During the holiday season, you’ll see all of them lit up in creative Christmas lights and decorations.

30. Visit a Pub from 1934

engels pub

Going to old pubs is one of my favorite activities when visiting Ireland, so I was thrilled to find Engel’s Pub in downtown Edmonds. The first time I came here was actually years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, which solidified my experience even more.

This Edmonds pub is actually the longest continuously operating business within the city limits. They have a food menu as well as darts in the back, so it’s a fun place to meet friends.

You should have plenty of ideas for things to do in Edmonds after that extensive list! Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite one is.

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