chain lakes loop hike

Strapping on my boots and hitting the trail is my number one way of immersing myself in the great outdoors. Whether I’m tracking down wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest, chasing the golden hues of larch trees in Washington, or crunching through fresh snow on a winter hike, there’s no better way to experience the raw beauty of nature.

I’ve been hiking for years (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll always see me out on the trails!), and it’s become an all-year-round passion of mine. I do all kinds of hikes – solo hikes, hiking with friends, family-friendly hikes, or hiking in National Parks. There aren’t many hikes that don’t get me excited.

One reason I started this site was to share all my hiking tips and best hiking spots, so this is the page to read all about my latest hiking experiences, tips, and routes, so you can walk a mile in my boots if you’re up for it. Whether you’re a veteran hiker or just starting your journey, I invite you to explore these articles and find your perfect trail.