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The Best Whidbey Island Wineries and Breweries to Visit

wineries on whidbey island vineyards

There’s nothing better than being on a beautiful island, lounging on a chair with a tasty beverage in hand. Located north of Seattle, Whidbey Island is the perfect place to head to for the weekend to get a drink. Many people love going here for the weekend or even a day out to visit the Whidbey Island wineries. […]

22 Cheap and Free Things to Do in Tacoma

things to do in tacoma point ruston

When people visit the Seattle area, many of them head straight to downtown Seattle to check out the attractions. While it’s fun to explore the Space Needle and other popular tourist draws, Tacoma is a city that’s underrated in my opinion. Only about 30 miles south of Seattle, there are plenty of cheap and free […]

How to Spend a Weekend in Bellevue

weekend in bellevue park

When visiting Seattle, many people just stay in downtown Seattle because that’s all they know. There’s another side you should visit on the “Eastside” as locals call it. Just 15 minutes east of Seattle across Lake Washington is the city of Bellevue, which has become its own sprawling city. Make sure to allow some time […]

The Best Things to Do in Yakima on the Weekend

visiting yakima farm

Yakima Travel Tips Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to Yakima. How to Get to Yakima Yakima is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quick weekend trip where you can leave after work on Friday and get back by Sunday night. It’s a little over two hours […]

15 Hike and Brewery Combinations Around Seattle

alpine lakes wilderness hike

Seattle is an all-around amazing city, but it does two things particularly well – hikes and breweries. We have some of the most beautiful hikes around the state that end with stunning views of the mountains, lakes, and waterfalls around the Pacific Northwest. Washington also has some of the best breweries ever (I’m just slightly […]