What It’s Like to Rent a Hot Tub Boat in Seattle

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Have you ever dreamed of floating on a hot tub boat in Seattle? Now you can thanks to this amazing invention! No matter what the weather is, going on a Lake Union hot tub boat is the perfect way to spend a day.

I had the chance to check out a hot tub boat on Lake Union on a cool morning in November and found that it was the perfect way to start my day. Being able to warm up in the Seattle hot tub boat when I got cold felt amazing, and the breeze felt great when I needed to take a break.

This boat ride is also the ultimate experience to put on your bucket list in Washington. Here is my Seattle hot tub boat review and helpful tips in case you want to rent your own Lake Union hot tub boat!

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What to Know About Seattle Hot Tub Boats

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Hot Tub Boat is a company that has multiple hot tub boat rentals in Seattle available. They can even make you a custom boat if you end up liking it that much!

You reserve your boat online through Hot Tub Boat’s website and have up to six people in total. They have a variety of times, from the morning up until the evening depending on the time of the year.

Weekends are always more popular, so you’ll want to book your Seattle hot tub boat in advance if you want one of those time slots. These also make for a fun short Seattle day trip, or you can include this on your weekend trip, as South Lake Union is a fun place to stay near Seattle.

When to Book Your Hot Tub Boat Rental in Seattle

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You can book Lake Union hot tub boat rentals anytime during the year! Many people enjoy going on the boat during summer in Seattle, as you’ll have a good chance of dry, sunny days. This will also allow you to get some ideal Seattle pictures as you float around.

However, I think going on a hot tub boat on Lake Union during winter is also an amazing time. There aren’t as many activities to do during this season, but we still have plenty of dry days, making it a fun date idea in Seattle in winter. As I said earlier, I loved feeling warm in the hot tub but having the cool breeze on my upper half so I never got too hot.

The temperature is set at 104° F, so you won’t get too hot. If you do, it’s easy enough to sit on the sit or back of the hot tub boat on Lake Union to cool off. I went on a cool morning in November and actually thought it was the perfect weather for this kind of activity.

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What to Bring on Your Seattle Floating Hot Tub

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You can bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy (but leave the alcohol at home, as it’s a liability). They also sell a few items like La Croix if you forget to bring some.

I would also recommend bringing sunscreen no matter what time of year it is, as the sun will reflect off the water even on a cold, cloudy day.

You should also download a few playlists, as the Seattle hot tub boat comes with a Bluetooth speaker. Being able to connect to my music while cruising around the lake was one of my favorite parts.

Lastly, make sure you bring a change of clothes. There’s a shower as well as a changing room and restroom available that you can use after your hot tub boat on Lake Union.

What to Expect During Your Hot Tub Boat in Seattle Experience

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When it’s the day of your reservation for your Seattle hot tub boat, you’ll head down to Lake Union and park either on the street or in the parking lot. There’s a small sign that points down a set of stairs, where you’ll ring the bell and wait.

You’ll get a quick rundown of how the Seattle floating hot tub works, and then you can change in their changing room if you need. They also have small dry boxes to put your phone into in the event it gets choppy on the water. You’re able to keep your belongings you don’t want to bring with like keys on one of the shelves.

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You navigate the boat by yourself with a small joystick on the side. While it’s not hard to drive, I might recommend having the most experienced boat driver get out of the dock. Once you’re on the water, you’ll have a lot more room to play around with it.

You can go almost anywhere on Lake Union and are allowed to be out for two hours (but you can also pay for extra time). I found two hours was more than enough to enjoy my Seattle hot tub boat experience.

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You can see a variety of sights while on your hot tub boat in Seattle, including downtown Seattle, Gasworks Park, and houseboats. You can even try to find the address for the infamous Sleepless in Seattle house! There are plenty of interesting facts about Seattle that come from this area.

This is also an amazing conversation starter, as you’ll have of plenty doing double takes when they go by in their boats or kayaks. It’s also a fun way to spend an evening if you have 1 day in Seattle.

When you’re done, take your Lake Union hot tub boat back to the dock. I recommend taking note of landmarks when you leave (when I did it, there was a giant boat in front of it with a memorable name). Take your shower, grab your belongings, and head home to brag about your experience to your friends!

Are you excited to book your hot tub boat in Seattle after all that? I know you’ll love it.

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