11 Must-Try Cheap Eats in Whistler That Are Wallet-Friendly

cheap eats in whistler
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With those amazing mountains, all the fun outdoor stuff, and the very walkable village, it’s no wonder I keep coming back to Whistler year after year! But let’s face it: adventuring around Whistler can really make you work up an appetite, and as awesome as this place is, it can be a bit pricey when it comes to chowing down. That’s why I’m here to help you find some of the cheap eats in Whistler for your next trip.

As a hungry traveler who’s always on the lookout for the next tasty meal, I’ve been on a quest to find the most delicious, budget-friendly eats in Whistler. Because, hey, there’s nothing like refueling with a tasty dish that doesn’t empty your wallet after a day of exploring the great outdoors.

Sure, you’ll find chain spots like Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, and KFC for cheap Whistler restaurants, but why not make it a bit more special? I always aim to eat local when traveling and encourage you to do the same so you can support Whistler’s small businesses and try something new.

So, fellow food-loving adventurers, get ready! I’ve got your back as you roam through Whistler in search of amazing culinary deals. No need to give up quality just to save some cash—there are loads of hidden gems scattered around this mountain paradise, ready to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.

1. Zogs Dogs

Address: 4340 Sundial Crescent, Whistler, BC V8E 1H5

I’ve been going to Zogs Dogs for years because they’re one of the quickest places to get a satisfying meal, and they’re right by the gondola, so an easy snack to grab after skiing. This stand has a variety of hot dogs (including a vegetarian option) along with a dozen toppings you can pick from, such as jalapenos, sauerkraut, and more.

They also have poutine, which is a Canadian classic of french fries drenched in gravy and cheese curds. I’m a pescatarian, so I can’t often have poutine since it’s usually made with beef gravy, but I was delighted to see they finally had a vegetarian poutine on my most recent visit. This is one of the best cheap eats in Whistler, not only based on the taste but the line that’s constantly outside of the stand.

2. Avalanche Pizza

avalanche pizza whistler

Address: 4320 Gate Way Dr #104, Whistler, BC V8E 0Z8

Avalanche Pizza is one of the best casual restaurants in Whistler, as you can quickly grab a slice to go or eat outside when you’re in a hurry. I love coming here during summer in Whistler, as you can grab a few slices and eat them anywhere you can find seating in the village.

They have the basic cheese, pepperoni, and other common pizza slices to go, but also have a ton of unique ones such as beef taco, greek, and pesto chicken parm. I tend to favor the veggie and cheese slices with a side of hot sauce when I order from here.

3. El Furniture Warehouse

Address: 4314 Main St, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

El Furniture Warehouse is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike for its tasty, affordable food and laid-back atmosphere. You can always tell when they’re open because you’ll hear music blaring from their restaurant, and their outdoor patio is absolutely packed for apres-ski.

You’ll get the best bang for your buck if you can come at happy hour, which has a wide variety of dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and salads. When I was last there, my family got mac and cheese, pierogis, Caesar salad, and street tacos.

I loved sitting outside on their patio and enjoying the sunshine on the day we were there, as we just had 3 days of rain in a row before that, so we loved this part of our PNW family vacation.

4. La Cantina Tacos

Address: 4340 Lorimer Rd #129, Whistler, BC V8E 1A5

La Cantina Tacos/Urban Taco Bar (I’m not sure what the official name is, to be honest!) is one of our staples that we stop at on our yearly trip because I love the variety of Mexican street food that they get. We always get it to go (tip for families – order it first and then let the kids play at the nearby playground while you wait – one of the best Whistler kids activities), but they have indoor and covered outdoor seating available that you’ll want to take advantage of during your Whistler weekend.

The menu is pretty impressive, but I always get the chips and guacamole, a variety of street tacos, and a giant burrito for all of us to split. They also serve alcohol inside if you’re eating your order there, but it’s generally a good place to go for Whistler cheap eats.

5. Peaked Pies

peaked pies

Address: 4369 Main St #105, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Australian meat pies constructed with flaky crust and stuffed with meat, veggies, and sauces are what make Peaked Pies famous. The Traditional Aussie is their most popular pie, and for good reason: it’s loaded with ground beef, onions, and gravy.

Try the “Peaked” option, where your pie of choice is topped with mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and gravy for a decadent treat. I went here for lunch several years ago for the Vegetable Medley, but I saw on my most recent visit they now have breakfast pies as well if you’re looking for something to keep you full all day.

The Rise and Shine, for instance, consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, green pepper, shredded potato, and cheese. How amazing does that sound when you’re looking for tasty cheap eats in Whistler? They have a variety of espresso drinks and tea to go with it as well.

6. Longhorn Saloon

longhorn saloon

Address: 4280 Mountain Square, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Longhorn Saloon is a lively, iconic spot in Whistler at the base of the mountain that’s known for its fun atmosphere and comfort food. It’s always a fun place to stop and fuel up after the Vancouver to Whistler drive. While they may not be the cheapest place to eat in Whistler if you’re solo, the portions are generous, so it ends up being perfect when splitting food with friends.

Speaking of very shareable food, the Longhorn Legendary Nachos are something I always get with a group, which are loaded with cheese, jalapeños, olives, tomatoes, green onions, and your choice of protein. I love sitting outside and watching skiers come down the hill to end their day (it’s heated outdoors).

Their menu also has a wide variety of options, including burgers, sandwiches, nachos, and wings, perfect for refueling after a day on the slopes. It’s a great spot for apres-ski or for a lunch break since you can easily get back on the gondola, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Whistler in winter since the outdoor area is heated.

7. Crystal Lounge

Address: 4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

I stumbled upon the Crystal Lounge completely by accident one year with friends, as it’s not advertised well. When you’re on Village Green and see a sign for The Old Spaghetti Factory, take the stairs and turn left to visit this pub. While many restaurants are fancy in the town, I love that this is the kind of bar I’d normally drink at with my friends.

They have a pool table and all the latest sports games playing, so it’s a great place to relax in the afternoon. The lounge even allows skiers to put their skis right on the ramp when you first walk in, so you don’t have to worry about that. They are kid-friendly, although I will admit we were the only family there the last time we went.

Happy hour is the time to go, as my beer was only $5 (a rarity in Whistler), and we got cheap sweet potato fries to split. It’s a fun atmosphere if you want to get out but prefer cheap eats in Whistler Village.

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8. The Old Spaghetti Factory

Address: Crystal Lodge, 4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

I rarely post about chain restaurants in articles because I don’t often go to them, but The Old Spaghetti Factory is an exception. We always end our last night here because it’s a very family-friendly restaurant with big portions, so you really get a lot of food for your money, making it the perfect cheap eat in Whistler.

They also are one of the larger restaurants in town, so it’s likely you’ll be able to get a seat even on the weekend. Tip – I went with a group of friends a few years ago, and while we did have to wait for a table, we were able to take the buzzer with us and wait in the Crystal Lounge next door and get a drink until our table was ready.

As far as the menu goes, they have many classics, like spaghetti with marina sauce, but I always get the rich and creamy Pesto Linguine Alfredo, topped with grated Parmesan cheese and fresh basil (delicious!). It’s easily one of the best cheap restaurants in Whistler, considering how much food comes with each meal.

9. Hot Buns Bakery

hot buns bakery

Address: 4232 Village Stroll, Whistler, BC V8E 1E3

Hot Buns Bakery is a charming bakery and cafe offering a wide selection of baked goods, sandwiches, and soups at wallet-friendly prices. Known for its delicious, fresh-baked bread and pastries, this bakery is a must-visit when in Whistler, but I’ll warn you – there is often a wait in the morning (but for a good reason!).

Their famous cinnamon buns are served warm and gooey, and you’ll see people raving about them if you read the reviews. They also serve crepes, which are one of my favorite breakfast foods – it’s always a tie between the savory veggie breakfast crepe and the sweet Nutella strawberry crepe for me. Many people also consider it one of the best coffee shops in Whistler, so you’ll want to try it out for yourself.

They’re open for lunch as well and serve a variety of sandwiches if you’re in the mood for something heartier. I recommend grabbing a table outside to enjoy the weather if it’s warm out when you want a cheap breakfast in Whistler.

10. Pizzeria Antico

pizzeria antico

Address: 4369 Main St #101, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Pizzeria Antico is a cozy Italian eatery specializing in wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, which I’m always in the mood for. I tend to get either the Margherita pizza or the Quattro Formagio pizza when I’m there, as well as a Caesar salad.

Happy hour is from 3-5 pm every day, so this is the time to go if you’re looking for cheap food in Whistler. They have a large drink menu, including beer, wine, and cocktails, or you can get a flight if you want to try the best of local BC wine or beer.

11. Amsterdam Cafe Pub

amsterdam cafe pub

Address: 4232 Village Stroll, Whistler, BC V8E 1E3

When you want a cheap restaurant in Whistler that stays open late, Amsterdam Cafe is the place to go. They serve food until 12 AM and drinks until 1 AM, so you’ll love coming here if you’re a night owl. While I haven’t been that late before, I do love coming here for apres-ski, as there’s always a fun crowd and lively music playing.

They have a variety of different food options, such as nachos (these are very large, so you’ll want to share with a group), burgers, and pizza, so you won’t go hungry. There are food and drink specials every day, so it’s a good place to save money.

So there you have it—a mouthwatering selection of cheap eats in Whistler that’ll leave both your stomach and wallet satisfied. Get ready to indulge in these budget-friendly culinary gems as you make your way through this beautiful mountain resort.

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