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How to Celebrate Halloween in Seattle: Best Events in 2024

halloween in seattle

When October hits in the Emerald City, things start to get a little spooky. Seattle isn’t just about rain and coffee—when Halloween rolls around, we take it very seriously. Think haunted houses straight out of your wildest nightmares, Halloween-themed tours, and pumpkins everywhere. Halloween in Seattle is one of the best times to be in […]

13 Best Larch Hikes in Washington State You’ll Want to Do (2024)

larches in washington

While I love hiking in Washington any time of the year, no time is more exciting than the fall season. This period brings the beautiful larches, but they’re only around in certain areas of the state and usually for a few weeks. That’s why you’ll want to plan your larch hikes in Washington in advance […]

How to Climb Mt. St. Helens – Everything You Need to Know (2024 Guide)

climb mt st helens

There are tons of amazing hikes in Washington, but only one has remained my favorite even after I continue to do more hikes year after year. Once I learned I could climb Mt. St. Helens all the way to the top and see the crater, I couldn’t let the idea go. I watched video after […]

How to Spend One Day at Crater Lake National Park (2024)

one day at crater lake national park

Crater Lake is one of the most unique national parks I’ve ever visited, and I’ve been to quite a few at this point. It’s a crater lake formed when the original Mount Mazama erupted and exploded thousands of years ago, leaving behind a volcanic caldera. It’s also the only national park in Oregon, making it […]

12 Fun Things to Do in Portland in the Fall This Season (2024)

Portland in the Fall

A certain charm seems to settle over the city of Portland every fall; the town explodes into a blaze of reds, oranges, and yellows as if someone used a giant paintbrush to splatter the landscape. The arrival of autumn in Portland is one of the best times of the year, in my opinion. You’ll love […]