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What to Know Before Camping in Patagonia

camping in patagonia glacier

One of the most beautiful places to go camping is in the South American region of Patagonia. It’s full of sky-high mountains, blue glaciers, and a variety of wildlife. You’ll want to be prepared before you begin your trip though, so here’s what to know before camping in Patagonia. Patagonia Camping Gear to Bring You […]

The Best Time to Visit Patagonia

patagonia in the summer

Patagonia is a region of gorgeous extremes, from towering snowy peaks to deep valleys with exceptional scenery. Visiting this incredible and enormous stretch of land is always a fantastic treat. There is no other place on Earth quite like it, and I guarantee a Patagonia trip will be one of your favorite trips ever. Figuring […]

How to Travel to Patagonia on a Budget

patagonia on a budget

Patagonia is a huge region that covers both southern Chile and Argentina. It’s a photographer’s dream with some of the most picturesque mountains, rivers, and plains I’ve ever seen. Many people have Patagonia on their bucket list for this reason but think they need to save thousands of dollars to visit. Traveling to Patagonia on […]

Visiting El Chaltén, Argentina’s Trekking Capital

el chalten town

The small Argentinian town of El Chaltén may be one of my favorite towns of all time. I went from El Calafate, which had thousands of people and dozens of stores to El Chaltén, a town of 1,500 people and only a few streets. Nestled right in the Andes Mountains, it’s a small, cute town […]

Best Things to Do in El Calafate, Argentina

guide to el calafate landscape

If you’re thinking of exploring southern Patagonia on the Argentina side, chances are El Calafate will be the town you fly into. It’s only a 3-hour flight from Buenos Aires, so it’s easily accessible. It’s a fun town to explore and use as your base when you’re exploring the rest of Patagonia. This guide to […]