Best Breweries in Seattle: 14 Hop-tastic Spots to Sample Beer

best breweries in seattle
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Seattleites may be known for the large amounts of coffee we consume, but we’re also known for our outstanding beer. We not only know the best breweries in Seattle to go to after work, but are also proud of beer that’s made right in our city.

I’ll be honest – I have a hard time traveling to other cities and trying their beer because it’s just not the same as ours. Some of the top Seattle breweries have a variety of pilsners, sours, and of course, IPAs (would you expect anything else in the Pacific Northwest?) The hardest part is knowing which one of the dozen breweries in the area you should visit.

With that, I give you a list of the top Seattle breweries so you can see where they’re located, what they offer, and if that sounds like where you want to spend your afternoon.

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14 Best Seattle Breweries to Explore

From the lively atmosphere to the fantastic bubbling beer, the top breweries in Seattle are an unforgettable experience from start to finish. 

Whether you’re looking for a brewpub or a kid-friendly brewery in Seattle, this city has a wide range of captivating malty corners to explore. Discover the taste of this city’s hop-filled marvels at some of the best breweries in Washington State.

1. Hellbent Brewing Company

Hellbent Beer Glass
Image by Hellbent Brewing Company on Facebook

Located in Lake City, a cornucopia of brewed beer beauties awaits. With a welcoming atmosphere filled with ever-flowing drinks and echoes of hearty laughter, Hellbent Brewing Company is the place to be.

Whether you prefer the rustic interior in the taproom or choose to enjoy the Seattle sunshine on the patio, this establishment has it all. The Hellbent Viewing company is also an on-leash dog-friendly joint, which will allow you to bring along your furry friend.

Vintage arcade games, pool tables, and Seattle Seahawks screenings are also on the menu, providing a perfect space for fun-filled activities. This business offers an extensive list of beers to try, which are available for sitdown or to-go. 

From the caramel notes of a Moon Tower Stout to the subtle aroma of a spruce tree in an All Spruced Up Winter Ale, these beers are an adventure for your tastebuds at one of the best Seattle breweries.

Address: 13035 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

2. Lowercase Brewing 

Beer With Menu Lowercase Brewery
Image by Lowercase Brewing on Facebook

Seattle craft breweries are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating a beer-tasting experience with a twist. A prime example is none other than Lowercase Brewing and its unique concoctions.

Near the Gothic Revival gem of the Georgetown Old City Hall, this brewery is a top contender for the best breweries in Washington State. 

A humble hideout that prides itself on its quaint and unflashy structure, this brewpub knows how to stick to what is essential: its products and the community. Lowercase Brewing has an industrial-chic decor and plenty of sudsy selections to choose from.

This establishment generally specializes in easy-drinking beers, such as the floral flavor of an Italian pilsner. However, you’ll find a wide range of diverse Seattle beers for every kind of palette to sample. 

Address: 6235 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

3. Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery

flying bike cooperative

The first owned and operated cooperative brewery in the state, this family-friendly establishment celebrates the joy and appreciation for all things beer-related. 

A member-owned brewery essentially means that participating parties become stakeholders that factor in the company’s decision-making processes. If you’re looking to dive headfirst into the wonderful yet intricate beer brewing process, this place is for you. 

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery offers extensive on-site classes to transform any beer newbie into a craft brew connoisseur. From added ingredients to appropriate food pairings, you’ll be ready to host your own beer tasting like a pro after visiting this brewery.

With a wide-open seating plan, quirky artwork, and handlebar adorned walls, you’ll have an incredible time drinking in the animated atmosphere. You’re guaranteed a good time at one of the best breweries in Seattle, whether you try the tasty Zest-a-Peel or the seasonal delight of a Sleigh Ride Hoppy Red.

You’ll love stopping here when looking for romantic things to do in Seattle on a date night in the Greenwood area.

Address: 8570 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

4. Urban Family Brewing Company

Urban Family Brewing Company Outside View
Image by Urban Family Brewing Company on Facebook

Known as one of the best Ballard breweries, the Urban Family Brewing Company is a family-run establishment that oozes a sense of warmth and refinement. 

This small contemporary brewery is a must for anyone looking to try a wide variety of beers in one sitting. Filled with beer barrel decor, an industrial-styled motif, and a food truck outside, this is a space created to unleash your inner beer hound.

This homey watering-hole continuously strives to create new and fresh creations adorned with fun and wacky names for each season. Try the hoppy sensation of a Giant Death Robots or enjoy the zesty tang of a We’re Going To Be Friends to fully embrace the eccentric spirit of its beers.

This is also a great place to stop after coming back from a hike for a brewery and hiking day.

Address: 1103 NW 52nd St. Seattle, WA 98107

Tip: If you’re looking for a full-fledged brewery tour of the neighborhood, you’ll love the Fishermen’s Terminal Brewery Tour which includes the Urban Family Brewing Company.

5. Tin Dog Brewing

Tin Dog Brewing Interior
Image by Tin Dog Brewing on Facebook

Tin Dog Brewing is a colorful space within the Cloverdale Business Park. This brewery has a family-friendly feel and specializes in the art of brewing exceptional beers. 

A brewery that celebrates unconventionality is the perfect rainy day activity in Seattle to beat the overcast blues. With flavors that seem unlikely to feature in hop-centered alcoholic beverages, you’ll have a smashing time sampling unique blends beyond the norm of traditional beers.

While this establishment is known for its blended sours and the light body of a Saison-style beer, this nano-brewery makes it their business to provide a remarkable experience. 

Feeling fruity? Try the tropical wonder of a Wild Brett Barrel-Aged Ale peppered with mango, melon, and papaya to experience a summer beach holiday in one sip. You’ll love stopping here if you’re spending a day in Seattle.

Address: 309 S Cloverdale St Suite A2, Seattle, WA 98108

6. Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.

Bad Jimmy Brewing Outside View
Image by Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. on Facebook

This dog-friendly brewery opened its doors in 2013 with a mission to provide quality craft beers filled with creativity and passion. The story behind its name started when the creators of the brewery lovingly dubbed their growing beer bellies their “Jimmy,” and the rest is history.

Equipped with a spacious beer garden and ample indoor seating, Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. offers a wide variety of events within its premises. From burlesque shows to karaoke nights, there’s always something happening at this hopping hangout.

From the year-round sensations of a Blood Orange Honey Wheat to the seasonal whimsy of a Gingerbread Winter Warmer, one of the best breweries in Seattle will help you grow your own “Jimmy” in no time.

Address: 4358 Leary Way NW B, Seattle, WA 98107

7. Optimism Brewing Company

optimism brewing

This microbrewery is situated in a 100-year old refurbished warehouse and appears on the list of top family-friendly breweries Seattle offers. I always recommend stopping here whether you’re a local or you’re visiting for three days in Seattle.

Decked out with beer barrels, an industrial interior, and a beer garden, you’ll be able to sip and slurp your way through the detailed list of beers. This establishment has its beer brewing laboratory on-site to analyze and enhance its products during the beer-making process.

Optimism Brewing Company provides a great outline of their products on their website, featuring categories (such as beer style) to know exactly what to expect.

Equipped with various food trucks (where you can try some famous Seattle food), designated kids areas, and all-gender bathrooms, Optimism Brewing Company provides an inclusive experience for all. For them, leading with optimism in life is a sure-fire way to make the world a better place.

The Capitol Hill area is a fun place to walk around after your drinks to get some of the best Seattle Instagram photos, such as the rainbow crosswalks and unique artwork. This is also a fun way to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Seattle, as you’re surrounded by other bars nearby if you want to do a bar crawl.

Address: 1158 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

8. Dirty Couch Brewing

Dirty Couch Brewing Beers
Image by Dirty Couch Brewing on Facebook

Much more appealing than it sounds, Dirty Couch Brewing is a hole-in-the-wall brewery that is known for its barrel-aged sours and wild ale beer batches. 

Whether you’re planning on having a cold pint on a sunny day or looking to warm up during snowfall, this establishment provides inside and outside seating for every occasion. This brewery also allows your furry companions to keep you company while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

With a selection of brews with tea infusions as part of its winning recipes, such as the Oolong Strange Trip, you’ll be able to justify a beer before 11:00.

Tip: Dirty Couch Brewing offers an array of diverse events and food truck appearances throughout the year. Check out their website before visiting to ensure that if anything extra exciting is happening, you’ll come prepared for the fun ahead.

Address: 2715 W Fort St, Seattle, WA 98199

9. Old Stove Brewing

old stove

Whether you fancy a beer or a burger, Old Stove Brewing is a top-notch place to enjoy Seattle’s scenic beauty in style. With a gorgeous panoramic view of The Seattle Great Wheel and surroundings, this brewpub provides the perfect opportunity to soak in the city’s iconic landmarks with a drink in hand. 

Old Stove Brewing is a microbrewery that will feature in any top Seattle breweries list.

This brewery will have you stunned by its sensory splendors from the 80-foot window wall to the kaleidoscope of fermented libations to try. 

If you’re a quintessential beer flavor hunter, this establishment has some of the best craft beers in Seattle. This beer menu will have you in for a boozy treat of a lifetime from the glittering golden hue of a Belgian Blonde to the coconut notes of a Hell Hawk Stout.

Situated near the Pike Place Market, you’ll also find the ultimate spot to rest your feet after a full day of exploring at this simple yet elegantly decorated spot. There are also many places to stay in Seattle around here if you’re just visiting.

Address: 1901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

10. Outlander Brewery and Pub

Outlander Brewery Exterior View
Image by Outlander Brewery and Pub on Facebook

Outlander Brewery and Pub will give you an exquisite beer-tasting experience like no other if you’re looking for unique breweries in Fremont. This microbrewery specializes in small-batch specialty ales within the basement of a charming brightly-colored cottage, which is why many people consider this one of the best breweries in Seattle. 

With Victorian-style furniture and an inventive, ever-changing beer menu, you’ll have a tasty swirl of the old meets the new in one venue. This brewpub focuses on keeping things new and fresh, so you will not be guaranteed the same set beer menu each time you visit.

Past brews included experimental elixirs, such as a nutty peanut butter stout and the blooming Goats and Rose infused with horny goat weed and rose petals.

Address: 225 North 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

11. The Good Society Brewery & Public House

Beer Tasting Glasses
Image by The Good Society Brewery & Public House on Facebook

Looking to chug some lagers while supporting a good cause? The Good Society Brewery & Public House dedicates its establishment to the pursuit of good beers and deeds. A section of every purchased beer proceeds goes to various local charity organizations.

Voted the best small brewpub of the year by the Great American Beer Festival in 2020, this prestigious brewery provides an extensive tap list to ponder. The Good Society Brewery & Public House also has various fun events, such as trivia nights, to enjoy.

From the Love is Love lager to the Be Curious sour, The Good Society Brewery & Public House is the ultimate place to catch what the buzz is about while getting buzzed.

Address: 2701 California Ave SW Unit A, Seattle, WA 98116. However, please note that the entrance is on Lander Street, located on the side of the building.

12. Ghostfish Brewing Company

Ghostfish Brewing Beer Glass
Image by Ghostfish Brewing Company on Facebook

A fantastic gluten-free brewery that leads with character and innovation, Ghostfish Brewing Company is one of the best SoDo breweries in Seattle.

This brewery uses choice grain alternatives, such as buckwheat and brown rice, allowing gluten-intolerant individuals to join in on the fun! This space is decorated with beautiful aquatic creature drawings on their walls, which will be sure to offer you a swimming time exploring the depths of this establishment.

The food menu also provides gluten-free options with a vast array of comfort food classics. From a hearty beer-battered fish and chips to the exotic taste of a blackened fish taco, the menu offers a good pairing beer to go with whichever delicious dish you choose.

Address: 2942 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

13. Lucky Envelope Brewing

Lucky Envelope Brewing Interior View
Image by Lucky Envelope Brewing on Facebook

This Seattle brewery is another fantastic beer-filled haven in Ballard, which is a family-friendly space with Oriental-inspired trimmings. 

The name of this brewpub is inspired by the Chinese tradition of presenting the younger generation with a red envelope containing money. The name also stays true to the co-founder’s Asian heritage.

Lucky Envelope Brewing provides the perfect setting to enjoy a beer or three with covered outdoor seating, friendly staff members, and a vibey atmosphere. The brewery’s philosophy is “Culturally Inspired,” so get ready to try some exciting takes on traditional freshly brewed delights.

Address: 907 NW 50th St, Seattle, WA 98107

14. Jellyfish Brewing Company

Jellyfish Brewing Company Outside
Image by Jellyfish Brewing Company on Facebook

A craft brewery in Georgetown simply dripping with charm, Jellyfish Brewing Company is a hidden gem when it comes to the top-tier breweries Seattle has to offer. A mid-size space equipped with a taproom offers a frothy beer-filled experience that packs a punch.

The beer menu includes their core beers, specialty brews, and an assortment of ciders and canned beers to try. Whether you’re craving a finely crafted IPA or a hard seltzer, the Jellyfish Brewing Company has got you covered.

Not much of a drinker? Patrons accompanying their beer-loving comrades get a free apple juice to enjoy and toast the day or night away with their friends. It’s also a fun place to visit during Seattle in the summer with its outdoor seating.

Address: 917 S Nebraska St, Seattle, WA 98108

Which one of these best breweries in Seattle are you most excited to go to?

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