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10 Best Things to Do in Stehekin, Washington (2024)

things to do in stehekin

Have you heard of Stehekin before? When I told my friends I was going there this summer, the majority of them responded, “Where is that?” For those who don’t know, it’s a very remote town at the top of Lake Chelan that you can only reach by boat, floatplane, or hiking. You may be surprised […]

15 Festive Things to Do in Leavenworth in Winter (2024)

things to do in leavenworth in winter

Seattle does the holidays pretty well, but just two hours out, Leavenworth is by far my favorite place to go in the winter season. I visit the area often throughout the year, as I’m all about Oktoberfest vibes there in the fall and, I make it a point to swing by every summer when I’m […]

20 Christmas Activities in Seattle for a Festive Experience (2024)

christmas activities in seattle lights

There’s nothing like the comfort of Seattle’s autumn leaves and a warm pumpkin spice latte, but the second I wash the last of the dishes on Thanksgiving night, it’s like a switch flips inside me—the Christmas season is officially here! From that moment on, all things fall get shelved for peppermint mochas and Christmas everything, […]

21 Best Things to Do in Capitol Hill, Seattle’s Most Colorful Neighborhood

things to do in capitol hill

Capitol Hill is by far Seattle’s coolest neighborhood; there’s artwork everywhere you look, from vibrant murals to unique sculptures, adding a creative flair to every corner. While it may be known for its nightlife, it’s just not a place to party; there are plenty of things to do in Capitol Hill any time of the […]

16 Famous Foods in Seattle You Need to Try (From a Local)

seattle famous food

Seattle might not be flaunting any Michelin stars, but anyone who’s tasted the city’s bites knows it’s a food haven – Seattle’s basically sitting on a foodie gold mine. Through my many (and I mean many) food escapades here, I’ve watched this place go from “pretty good” to “I need more of that in my […]