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22 Best Things to Do in Whistler in the Winter (2024)

things to do in Whistler in the winter

I’ve been visiting Whistler every spring for the past 15 years, and while the town is beautiful at any time of year, I can confidently say that it comes into its own in the winter. Powdery slopes, fresh mountain air, and festive lights make a winter visit to Whistler a truly unforgettable experience, and there […]

17 Cozy Things to Do in Winter in Portland, Oregon (2024)

Winter In Portland Fireworks

Every time I tell someone I’m heading to Portland in the winter, I get a raised eyebrow or two, but honestly, after going there so many times over the years, winter has become one of my favorite seasons to visit. Maybe it’s because I’m from Seattle, and the weather’s pretty much the same—cool, a little […]

8 Incredible Stops on a Seattle to Banff Road Trip

seattle to banff road trip

You all know I’m a lover of road trips, but driving from Seattle to Banff is one of the most scenic ones you can do. The majority of it takes place in Canada, which is a country I can’t get enough of. From maple syrup lattes to delicious poutine, I’m obsessed with not only the […]

21 Fun Rainy Day Activities in Seattle You’ll Want to Do (2024)

rainy day activities in seattle downtown

Every time I talk to someone about living in Seattle, they always ask the same question: “Doesn’t it rain all the time there?” Sure, it rains more than it might in other parts of the country, but not all the time. There are plenty of fun rainy day activities in Seattle to distract you from […]

21 Fun Things to Do in Seattle in Winter (2024)

seattle winter lake union

I love all things fall and fully soak up every day we have in that season, but as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, I flip from that cozy autumn vibe straight into full-blown winter wonderland mode. While it may not technically be winter season until mid-December, our city fully gets into holiday mode with […]