• Asia
  • What to Do in Singapore

    Singapore downtown

    Singapore is a beautiful, bustling city, and it can be hard to decide what to do on a visit there. Spend a day shopping for a new wardrobe, followed by an indulgent night at your hotel. Explore the picturesque Botanic Gardens during the day, then treat yourself to a night on the town while trying […]

  • Europe
  • Backpackers Guide to Europe

    Old Town in Warsaw, Poland - panoramic view

    Europe, during the summers presents a beautiful combination of pristine landscapes coupled with interesting festivals celebrating the key aspects of human lives. Stable politics, effective inter-city transportation and a well-established tourism industry makes it perfect for holidays in the summers. The season is perfect for exploring its snow-capped mountains, deep blue lakes, green meadows, beautiful […]

  • California
  • How to Survive Coachella

    Coachella Wheel

    I have been in love with music since I can remember. My first cassette tape was Mariah Carey’s “Daydream,” and “Always Be My Baby” was my third grade anthem. In fifth grade, I went to my first concert – Hanson (thanks to my very kind and patient father for enduring that concert), and I was hooked on […]

  • California
  • Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles


    While San Diego may be my favorite city in California, Los Angeles is always fun to visit as well. With it comes the glitz and glam of Hollywood, hoping, and celebrities. Why not feel like a celebrity yourself with a stay to a boutique hotel next time you’re in town? Here are some affordable suggestions! […]